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With a population of over 1.2 billion people, India is the second-most populous country on Earth. This richly varied nation has 16 official languages, and is home to the largest Hindu, Sikh, and Jain populations in the world, as well as large Muslim, Christian and Buddhist populations. While participating in the India Study Abroad, you will study in Visakhapatnam, on the southeastern coast of India. As you study, you will learn Telugu, one of the major languages of India, and conduct research in a field of their choice.  Or, if research is your goal, the Tibet Field Study will take you to Bylakuppe, a Tibetan community in Southern India. Bylakuppe is made up of refugee camps, and contains the highest concentrations of Tibetans outside Tibet. It is also a major spiritual center for Tibetan refugees, and contains several religious sites and monasteries. As part of this program you will stay with Tibetan families and perform research on a topic of your choice.

We have three different types of programs that you can choose from. Some countries or regions might not have all of these options, but please refer to the program fliers for this country for more information.

If you are interested in a customizing your own experience abroad, please consider an Individual Internship.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad programs give you the opportunity to work closely with BYU professors. Since classes are typically small, you will get to know your professors well. Each course features learning experiences designed to actively involve you with the people, history, arts, attitudes, and traditions of your host country. Visits to cultural sites as well as other field trips such as museums, cathedrals, monuments, and theatres related to your course work will be enhanced by studying about the places before and discussing them after your visits.


International Internships are an independent, work-oriented experience in an international, cross-cultural setting. You can bridge the gap between your academic and professional career as you participate in an internship with the guidance of a faculty mentor. They will give you individualized training under the tutelage of an in-country professional. The International Internship program allows you to gain real-world experience in the globalizing workplace while gaining language and cross-cultural skills that contribute to academic learning and a BYU degree.

Field Study

Field Studies immerse you in the culture through a research or creative project. You will live with local families, travel via public transportation, and assume an informed role in the home and community for the semester-long program. Before going abroad, you will propose an academic focus for your experience during the prep class, with the assistance of a faculty mentor or Field Studies staff. This independent experience will enable you to shape your international experience to fit your own interests and life plans while receiving relevant academic credit.

Direct Enrollment

Direct Enrollment programs enable you to study at a university abroad while receiving BYU credit. We have partnerships with several campuses in various countries for undergraduate students. You can cross cultural borders, experience education through a different perspective and still remain on track for graduation. Most programs allow you to study at a campus abroad while paying BYU tuition. You can find a university with just the right combination of courses, facilities, and environment to meet your academic and personal needs and interests.

Individual Experience

If you do not find the type of program you are looking for in our menu, you can design your own Individual Experience abroad for BYU credit. Find out how here.